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Healthy Mixed Vegetable Fruit Drink 320ml Sleek Can

Availability: 300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month

Swap out those sugary sodas and energy drinks for a refreshing juice packed with flavor and nutrients. Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Drink satisfies your thirst and nourishes your body with vital goodness.

Operating since 2004

Incorporated in Vietnam in 2004, Rita Food & Drink Co. Ltd is a 100% foreign-owned enterprise specializing in the production and marketing of beverages, exported to buyers in Europe, Oceania, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East...


sleek can 320ml 80 Vegetable fruit drink heathy


  • Ingredients : Water, Kiwi, Mango, Organge, Carrot, Sugar, etc.
  • Sample : Free sample, Free design
  • Volume : 320 ml
  • Packaging : Alu Can
  • Shelf life : 24 months
  • Payment term : L/C,T/T,Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
  • FOB Price : Live chat with RITA
  • Delivery time : 20-25 Days after confirm the Order
  • Certification : ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL
  • Minimum order quantity : 200 Cartons


Stay Hydrated and Boost Your Nutrient Intake with Fresh Juicing

Savor the essence of summer with our meticulously curated blend of kiwi, mango, orange, and carrot juices—a fusion of nature's finest bounty crafted to delight your senses and nourish your body. From the tropical appeal of ripe mango to the tangy tang of citrus, each healthy and natural ingredient is carefully selected for flavor and nutritional content. Infused with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, our juicing masterpiece promises to invigorate your palate and energize your spirit, ensuring  every sip is a health and wellness journey. Embrace the vibrant spectrum of taste and vitality with every glass of Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Drink, and let the essence of nature's goodness transport you to a realm of pure refreshment and revitalization.

Poster sleek can 320ml 80 Vegetable fruit drink vegan drink

Supercharge Your Health with Juices Made from Kiwi, Mango, Orange, and Carrot

Enhance your health by incorporating kiwi, mango, orange, and carrot into your juicing routine. These ingredients provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, enhancing your immune system, guarding against chronic ailments, and promoting healthier skin, hair, and digestion.

Remember, juicing should complement, not replace, whole fruits and vegetables in your diet. It is a fun and simple way to increase your nutrient intake daily.


Although small, kiwi  and fresh kiwi juice drink are nutritional powerhouse. A single kiwi provides more than 100% of your daily vitamin C needs, boosting the immune system significantly. 

Additionally, it boasts ample amounts of vitamin K, supporting bone health and assisting in blood clotting.

Furthermore, kiwi is an excellent source of dietary fiber, supporting digestion and gut health. Its high antioxidant levels help protect against cell damage and chronic illnesses.


Incorporating mangoes into your juicing regimen can be great if you enjoy tropical fruits. Mangoes are not only delicious but also rich in essential nutrients. 

One cup of sliced mango provides your entire daily requirement of vitamin C and substantial doses of vitamins A and E, potassium, and beta-carotene.

Vitamin A is essential for preserving optimal vision and promoting skin health. In contrast, vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that may help protect against heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. Beta-carotene bolsters immunity and potentially reduces the likelihood of specific cancer types.


Oranges and pure orange juice drink are a staple fruit in many households, and for good reason – they are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, and folate. Vitamin C helps produce collagenessential for healthy skin, bones, and muscles. Potassium, a mineral crucial for heart health, regulates blood pressure.  Introducing oranges into your juicing regimen can enhance immunity, decrease inflammation, and promote heart health.


Beta-carotene in carot is converted into vitamin A by the body, which supports healthy eyesight and skin. Consistently eating carrots may lower the chances of age-related macular degeneration, a prevalent cause of vision loss among the elderly.

Carrots are high in vitamin A and contain significant levels of vitamin K, potassium, and dietary fiber.  The dietary fiber in carrots promotes digestion and helps maintain regular bowel movements.

Sleek can 320ml Mixed 80 Vegetable fruit drink Vietnam

Some Tips To Enhance Your Enjoyment Of Juicing

Serve Chilled

Chill your juice products before serving for a crisp and refreshing experience. Cold temperatures can enhance the flavor and make it even more enjoyable, especially on hot days.

Mix and Match

Mix the juice with drinks like sparkling water or herbal tea to create custom mocktails or refreshing spritzers. This can add depth to the flavor and make your drink more enjoyable.

Pair with Meals

Pair your juice products with complementary foods to create a well-balanced meal experience. For example, enjoy a tropical juice blend with a light salad or a citrusy juice with grilled fish.

Add Fresh Garnishes

Enhance the presentation and flavor of your juice by adding fresh garnishes like mint leaves, citrus slices, or fruit skewers. This can elevate the aesthetic appeal and provide a burst of freshness.

Customize with Add-Ins

Personalize your juice by adding nutritious boosters like chia seeds, protein powder, or superfood supplements. This can tailor the beverage to your dietary needs and enhance its health benefits.

Savor Slowly

Take your time to savor each sip and appreciate the flavor profile of the juice. Let the taste linger on your palate, and enjoy the sensory experience of drinking a delicious beverage.

Stay Hydrated

While enjoying juice products, remember to drink water throughout the day. While juice is hydrating, it's essential to maintain a balance and ensure adequate hydration.



Juicing is a great way to stay hydrated and get all the essential nutrients your body needs. Extracting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables allows you to easily consume vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants vital for overall health and well-being.

Swap out those sugary sodas and energy drinks for a refreshing juice packed with flavor and nutrients. Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Drink satisfies your thirst and nourishes your body with vital goodness.


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