Brown rice is the type of rice that only grinds the hull, retaining the bran and the grain. Thanks to this milling method, brown rice is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for the body.


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Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice (Photo: Internet)

Some scientific studies show that a can of brown rice when cooked into rice contains 84 mg of magnesium, about 10 times higher than white rice. In particular, the brown rice bran contains a special oil that regulates blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to daily consumption of white rice, brown rice can be cooked into many delicious and nutritious dishes. You can cook all heathy dishes at home such as brown rice porridge, brown rice phở, black beans and brown rice tea, brown rice vermicelli, dried brown rice, brown rice tea, brown rice milk ... Brown rice milk is the type of plant-based milk which is popular with many people base on its delicious taste and nutritious.



Brown Rice

  • Brown rice milk is very good for you health (Photo: Internet)
  • 1. Boosts energy

Brown rice milk contains high carbohydrates and sugar, and that helps to boost your energy on a daily basis. Moreover, brown rice milk is essential to administer to sick people who might feel reluctant to eat.

  • 2. Keeps your heart healthy

Brown rice milk contains low fat, and no cholesterol. Rice milk is rich in vitamin E and magnesium, the two micronutrients that are responsible for a healthy heart.

  • 3. Prevents chronic diseases

Brown rice milk contains several antioxidants that help to boost your immune system. These antioxidants help the body to resist inflammation and oxidative stress, the main culprits of chronic diseases.

  • 4. Helps prevent cancer

Rice milk contains selenium and manganese. These two elements are the potent antioxidants in inhibiting cancer-causing agents and any other carcinogenic exposures.

  • 5. Boosts the bone health

Rice milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, and magnesium. All these elements are vital to your bone health and help to fight osteoporosis.

  • 6. Helps to lose weight

Brown rice milk is low in calories. When you drink rice milk, you get the necessary nutrition needed for your body while cutting off the extra weight.



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Brown rice milk is easy to cook at home (Photo: Internet)

Option 1


+ 100 grams of brown rice

+ 440 ml of fresh milk

+ 100 g of rock sugar

+ 1000 ml of water


+ First of all, you should pick up the brown rice’s husks. You can wash it with water or not. You roast the brown rice with the low heat. When the  brown rice has fragrant, glossy, and cracked grains (about 20% of the rice), turn off the heat.

+ Mix the roasted brown rice seeds with water, after that cook with low heat until it becomes soft. Remember that when cooking brown rice, you should use more water than white rice (about 300 ml).

+ Grind the cooked brown rice and clarify the mixture to get water. You should clarify carefully to remove all the starch in brown rice.

+ Boil 700 ml of water, add rock sugar to create sweetness. You can reduce the amount of sugar depending on your taste.

+ Add the mixture of brown rice into water and boil in 5-10 minutes. Add the fresh milk and stir again, then turn off the heat.

+ When the milk is cool, it can be poured into the bottle to enjoy.


Option 2 - Source:


+ 200 gr brown rice

+ 200 gr sticky rice

+ 3 liters of filtered water

+ 500 ml of fresh milk without sugar

+ 300 gr of rock sugar


+ Roast brown rice and sticky rice over low heat until it has the fragrant. Be careful not to let the fire get too big to avoid burning the rice.

+ Grind the mixture roasted rice into powder.

+ Cook the rice powder with 3 liters of water over medium heat. Stir well to avoid sedimentation.

+ After the water has boiled, clarify the mixture to remove the dissolved residue powder completely.

+ Continue to cook the mixture well. Add the rock sugar to create sweetness.

+ Add the fresh milk and stir again, then turn off the heat.



+ Rock sugar and fresh milk help to increase sweetness and fat. Therefore, depending on your taste, you can increase or decrease the dosage. Note, when adding fresh milk, do not  boil the milk because it will lose the aroma.

+ Brown rice milk must be thin, not too loose or too thick.

+ You can combine with other seeds such as black beans, macadamia, walnuts, red beans, peanuts, sesame seeds, sweet potatoes ... to increase flavor and nutrients.

Milk can be stored in the refrigerator cooler for 2-4 days.

Brown rice milk is easy to cook at home. If you don't have time, you can choose Rita brown rice milk to enjoy.

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