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Malt drink cocktail 500ml

Vietnamese Green Tea 250ml Can Rita Brand

Availability: 300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month

Rita Green tea has a mild aroma and elegant flavor, gentle acrid taste, and unforgettable sweet aftertaste.

Fruit Juices

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  • Sample : Free sample, Free design
  • Volume : 250 ml
  • Packaging : Alu can
  • Shelf life : 24 months
  • Payment term : L/C,T/T,Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
  • FOB Price : Live chat with RITA
  • Delivery time : 20-25 Days after confirm the Order
  • Certification : ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL
  • Minimum order quantity : 200 Cartons


Rita Green tea has a mild aroma and elegant flavor, gentle acrid taste, and unforgettable sweet aftertaste.

Made from real tea leave, we pack all the amazing health benefits and give you a perfect choice for boosting any dull moment.

If you are looking for healthy drink and a delightful enjoyment, Rita Green Tea will deliver the superior taste you have come to love.


Rita Tea poster

  • 1. Acts as natural antioxidants

    Green tea is rich in antioxidant which have various beneficial effects on health. Due to the process of green tea is destroyed the activity of enzymes in fresh leaves. Antioxidants are known to protect the body against disease and are an important part of a healthy diet.

    2. Improves heart health

    Green tea has the effect of reducing bad cholesterol in blood and the risk of stroke. The polyphenols in green tea may improve epithelial function and decrease inflammation. It also can reduce heart disease risk in people with excess weight or obesity.

    3. Reduce the risk of cancer

    The presence of a large amount antioxidant found help to prevent the cancer including breast cancer, rectal cancer, and prostate cancer.

    4. Help to refresh your mind

    Green tea contains caffeine that helps to increase the concentration. The amount of caffeine in green tea is not as much as coffee, so it minimizes the effects of caffeine for some people when drinking coffee.

    5. Improve memory

    Another benefit of green tea is that they can help protect your brain. Because green tea contains many catechins and antioxidants that stimulate brain activity. It also fights the activity of free radicals that damage the brain. Drinking green tea water every day also helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

    6. Lose weight, beautiful skin

    Green tea is rich in EGCG, which helps to boost metabolism and burn fat in the body. As a result, it helps to reduce fat when used regularly.

    Green tea is also famous for being a good drink for the skin. In particular, it helps to protect skin from sun damage, limit skin pigmentation and tan. At the same time, drinking green tea regularly helps you reduce the risk of acne.


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