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Beauty Collagen Drink With Aloe Vera And Lemon 250ml Can

Availability: 300 Twenty-Foot Container/Month

Rita Beauty Collagen Drink With Aloe Vera and Lemon is not only a healthy drink, but also delicious beverage. Light and full of flavor, you can take it everywhere and sip on all day, especially a sunny day.

OEM Beverage

- Rita Vietnam since 2004.- Capacity of 500containers per month.- FDA, ISO, GMP, HACCP, FSSC2000, HALAL, KOSHER approval.- Strong R&D team, QC team.- Good service from “Before order” to “After sale”.- Always focus on product quality, make them good health & good taste.

beauty drink lemon aloe vera


  • Ingredients : Water, Aloe vera, Lemon juice, Collagen, etc.
  • Sample : Free sample, Free design
  • Volume : 250m
  • Packaging : Glass Bottle
  • Shelf life : 24 months
  • Payment term : L/C,T/T,Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
  • FOB Price : Live chat with RITA
  • Delivery time : 20-25 Days after confirm the Order
  • Certification : ISO, HACCP, FDA, HALAL
  • Minimum order quantity : 200 Cartons



The perfect combination of aloe vera, lemon juice and collagen, Rita Beauty Collagen Drink is best choice for who love healthy lifestyle. The present of collagen helps to provide beauty benefits including healthier nails, shinier hair and younger-looking skin.

Of course, our product is not only a healthy drink, but also delicious beverage. Light and full of flavor, you can take it everywhere and sip on all day, especially a sunny day.



beauty drink


1. Benefits For Your Skin

Collagen has a great effect on fortifying the skin, in addition can be beneficial for elasticity and hydration. It also helps slow down the skin aging process.

Aloe vera juice can moisturize your skin without making it feel greasy. It also prevents the skin from drying. The two hormones in aloe vera, auxin and gibberellins, which help heal acne and even treat the scars.

2. Strengthens nails and hair

Regular use of collagen can help nails and toenails become stronger. Furthermore, the hair will become smooth when fully supplemented with collagen.

3. Helps To Arthritis

Collagen helps maintain the health of the cartilage between your joints. The consumption of collagen improves some measures of pain relief and function in people with arthritis.

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Aloe vera juice could help in weight loss because off its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is linked to weight gain and metabolic issues, and in this way, aloe vera juice could play its part in promoting weight loss.

Lemon can help your body burn fat faster and speed up the metabolism.  It also helps to clean and detoxify your body by removing toxins from your body.

5. Strengthens the immune system

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which plays an important role in boosting the immune system. Vitamin C helps to increase the amount of white blood cells in the blood to combat the attack of viruses, bacteria ... Thus, vitamin C improve to the strengthening of the immune system - such as the "protective armor" for the body.

Treats Digestive Issues

Aloe vera juice has laxative properties that can aid in digestion. It encourages gut bacteria and regulates bowel movements. It also has been found to soothe and cure stomach ulcers.


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